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Could Ortho-K Help You to Break Free?

by Troy Simmmons

Have you heard of orthodontics? It's a dental procedure using different braces to move teeth into a better position and improve function. Now, think about orthokeratology in the same vein. In the world of optometry, this procedure can gradually reshape the cornea using different temporary lenses to improve vision instead. So, could you be a good candidate for this procedure, and if so, what is involved?

Surgery Free Approach

Ortho-k, as the procedure is known in optometry, is a surgery-free approach to help those who would rather not wear any contact lenses all the time or want to break free from their glasses. It works particularly well for children, although some adults are also eligible.

How the Process Works

Experts have found that the cornea can respond to this treatment, which will modify its ability to focus. The lenses themselves are only worn at night during sleep, which is sufficient to change the shape of the cornea to such a degree that it can restore proper vision the following morning.

Change the Cornea

Essentially, the lenses will "flatten" the centre of the cornea according to a very strict set of measurements calculated by the optometrist. It may be necessary to wear a different set of lenses as treatment progresses, but many patients report a fantastic outcome.

Understand the Limitations

Remember, these lenses do not create a permanent change. The eyes will eventually go back to their original shape should you stop wearing the lenses at night. Unfortunately, this means that your old refractive error will return, and you may then need to wear glasses or conventional contact lenses during the day.

Grant Your Freedom

Ortho-K does give you additional freedom insofar as you may not need to wear lenses or glasses during your everyday activities. This can be particularly advantageous for those who like to participate in contact sports or who may not like glasses from an aesthetic point of view.

Retain Your Achievements

It may be possible to wear a set of "retainer" lenses each night instead once the optometrist is satisfied that your corneas have reached the optimal position. This may be sufficient to maintain your vision and get away with our glasses or contact lenses during the day.

Get Further Information

Talk with an optometrist, and see if you are a good candidate for ortho-k. They'll discuss your wants and needs, take measurements, and plan a course of action just for you.